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Community Area Stall Applications

If you are a community or group wishing to have an information stall (not selling anything), then you can email the PF Regional Coordinator and apply for a free community stall. We have wanted to do this for some time and we are pleased we finally can. Acceptance of a free stall is entirely down to the discretion of the PF Regional Coordinator.

  • Free admittance to the event for one person (see restrictions).
  • A space for a stall in the community area. You may be asked to bring your own table depending on availability.
  • Advertisement on our publications, including our main website.
When contacting us, please provide the following information to make the process smoother for all:
  • Stall Name
  • Stall Holder Name
  • Email
  • Description (used for the website and other publications)
  • Image (used for the website and other publications)
  • Telephone Number
  • Website Address
  • If you need to purchase a conference ticket (see restrictions)


The following are the requirements for a free community stall. If you have any questions or are unsure if you qualify, then please contact the Pagan Federation (PF) Regional Coordinator (RC) for Norfolk.
  • Must be a well known group who is within good standing of the community.
  • May be a local group or national/international organisation.
  • Must be open enough where it is possible for people within the community to join. Restrictions to join based on certain aspects such as path are acceptable, as long as it serves a portion of the community. Private working groups are not.
  • Must not be primarily a commercial organisation.
  • Must be of particular interest to Pagans.


There are the following restrictions on community stalls for the day. If any stall is caught breaking these restrictions, then they will be asked to pay the full price of a standard sized stall.
  • Must not sell any merchandise, subscriptions or any other product either by physical monetary means or though any other method such as online forms. It is OK to take down peoples contact details however for a later time.
  • The stall must be manned throughout the day by the named person on the stall. If you would like to attend the talks or workshops you will still be given a free stall space, but we ask that you pay for your ticket to cover our costs.