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Esorteric Market 2014

Here are just some of the exciting stalls at the 2014 Harvest Moon festival: they included a vast array of Publishers, Shops, Local Artisans and Local and National groups.

Scarlet Imprint was founded in 2007 with the talismanic publication of 156 copies of The Red Goddess. They have since grown to become one of the leading publishers of the contemporary occult world.

Sacred Earth has been running since 1991, Sacred Earth aim to sell the very best in natural healing, magical and spiritual products. Their stock includes books, tarot, Jewellery, herbs, oils, resins, statues, incense, and ritual and magical paraphernalia.

Morrigans Morrigans will be selling Wiccan items, herbs and incense, sage, giftware, crystals and wiccan inspired handmade items.

Wiccan Beadz and Bitz All things wiccan made by me!

 Star Tarot Fiona will be Tarot reading for us again this year, she also sells her own homemade crafts, and yarns etc. Check out her website for more information!

Jan Fowler Art are another much loved stall from last year who have been kind enough to come back and spend the day with us again. Jan will have Hand Painted Wood, Plaques, Pendants, Stones and other original artwork cards and prints.

Spirit of the Crow Designs. Annette was with us last year and we are happy to announce that she has agreed to be with us again this year! Annette hand paints boxes, jewellery ornaments and plaques. All artwork is inspired by nature and painted with magic in mind. Check out Annette's Etsy page! 

My Pagan Nature A multimedia artist taking inspiration from nature. She works in a number of materials including silver, clay, and fabric. A firm believer in William Morris's adage that you should "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" and her artwork definitely reflects this. Commissions are welcome, there is a gallery (and shop) on the website but here are just a few examples of the stunning pieces you can expect to see on the day.

SB Fairy Crafts Artworks, ifts and accessories made from recycled and up cycled materials.
check out some of their brilliant work on their Facebook page: SB Fairy Crafts

Kith of Yggdrasil The Kith is a UK based Heathen organisation concentrating on the spiritual approach to the mysteries of Heathenism, and its work is of relevance to all followers of the Aesir, Vanir and European Heathen faith. It is active in many parts of the British Isles, with special interest groups, hearths, and meetings for both spiritual and social purposes.

Touch The Earth Will not only be providing our much anticipated evening entertainment and giving us a workshop, they will have a stall throughout the event with their CD's along side hand blended products including incense, white sage, oils and White Vinegar Cleaners.

Norfolk Goddess Temple are a fantastic local group who will have plenty of information on their stall for how you can get involved, they will also be selling Power Vial pendants.

Norwich Fairies Will be selling Hand Made Fairies, Jewellery and other Wiccan themed crafts.

The lovely ladies a Caterpillar Queen make clay art, Goddess jewellery, fairy doors and Pagan and Wiccan art and jewellery.

The Caterpillar Queen also has an Etsy store for those of you who are too excited to wait until the 27th!