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Spirit of the Crow Designs specialise in Hand painted, unique magically inspired designs painted onto wooden plaques, boxes, pendants and glass. All designs are created with magic in mind and are pagan/ wiccan and nature inspired. 

Items available for sale will be Altar/ tarot/ jewellery boxes, wall plaques/ altar patens, Hand painted jewellery/ pendants and Yule tree decorations.

Val Thomas
A collection of hand spun and felt artefacts, as well as jewellery, herbs, teas, tinctures and other trinkets.

Fiona will be doing Tarot readings on the day as well as selling incense and books.

Jan will be selling original artwork, cards and prints inspired by the natural world.

"The Kith is a UK based Heathen organisation concentrating on the spiritual approach to the mysteries of Heathenism, and its work is of relevance to all followers of the Aesir, Vanir and European Heathen faith. It is active in many parts of the British Isles, with special interest groups, hearths, and meetings for both spiritual and social purposes."

Astras Cosmic Crafts
Liz will be selling handmade Jewelery

Becca will be selling her paintings