The Closing Ritual

Each year the Harvest Moon conference hosts a closing ritual at the end of the day by one of the local groups within the area. We do our best to make sure that we invite people to perform the ceremony who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the subject. Everyone is welcome to attend and in the past we have had a whole range of different traditions. Last year the ritual was performed by the Treading the Boards group.

Closing Ritual 2017
This year the closing ritual will be led by the Norfolk Goddess Temple. Norfolk Goddess Temple is a collection of open, friendly individuals dedicated to the local Goddess Andraste.

At the Centre of the NGT group are the Priestesses of Iceni and the committee members. They have a wider community encompassing all their followers on Facebook and people who attend regular open rituals.

Visit their website and community pages to learn more about this wonderful local Temple.