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Val Thomas

Val Thomas is the Pagan Federation representative for Norfolk and author of the popular book of kitchen and traditional witchcraft "A Witch's Kitchen". Val has many years of experience in witchcraft and other magical practices, as well as being a trained medical herbalist. Over the years she has been a regular contributor to other publications, such as Quest and the Cauldron. Her herb walks organised by the Norwich Pagan Moot are always very popular and her talks are fun and informative at the same time. 

Closing Ritual

This year Val will be conducting the closing ceremony.

The ritual script is now available for download:

Watch a special interview of Val discussing the process of performing a closing ritual and providing more information on its symbols and her own tradition of witchcraft.

Previous Appearances

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Harvest Moon 2013 - "Opening Ceremony"
Harvest Moon 2012 - "Herbs, Healing & Magic"