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The Three Initiates


“The Scourge, the Dagger & the Chain

Purge body, breast & brain!”

We find within the works of Alchemy the three alchemical principles of the ‘Tria Prima’. These consist of Salt, Sulphur and Mercury and are linked to the three ‘Tools of Severity’. These tools or weapons are to be found within the 'Initiations of Birth', within all forms of the Western Mystery Tradition.

This anonymous talk and workshop will be controversial by its very nature. Therefore let there be a warning to all those that attend. Although we will not directly talk of different initiation ceremonies, we will touch on concepts that are shared across them and which ascend the ‘Veil of Pakoreth’.

We will discuss initiation, what it is and what it is not. We shall look at the dangers that might await one who ventures to, through and after it. We will look at what role these tools have to play and how they lead to spiritual purification and exaltation.

Our three speakers or initiates hail from the three ‘Streams of Wisdom’ and different traditions. That of the Magus, that of the Mystic and that of the Priest; That of the Mind, That of the Heart and that of the Body.