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Nikki Wyrd

Nikki Wyrd has practised doing Chaos Magick for 24 years (so far). She was initiated into the Illuminates of Thanateros in 1991, and was made British Isles Section Head in 2008. A lifelong chaos magician, she works alongside initiates of many other traditions, sharing insights and practical techniques with people from many parts of the world. She could stop any time she wanted, but finds life a bit more exciting with magick in it. Now living in Norwich and Devon, she is currently occupied in creating books. She has worn many other hats, now and then, including punk bass guitarist, priestess, and parent.

Doing Different: Magick as a mundane process.

Often, Magick is regarded as an activity or belief which stands apart, segreagated from ordinary life. In this talk, Nikki explores 'magick as normal', as an intrinsic part of our way of living in the world around us. She shares tales of how rituals, techniques and other practices can be woven into our everyday existences.

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