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Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke has been writing and giving walks and talks on Pagan and Occult subjects for many years. He is particularly interested in East Anglia's Pagan past and present and the development of an East Anglian Tradition. He has extensive knowledge of local Witchcraft and Heathenry as well as East Anglia's Traditional Folk Magic. With friends, he founded Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Pagan Moot, now in its third year of operation. 

Voices from the Left Field (Talk)

For many years also he has explored by study and by practice, those areas of occultism often called the Forbidden Knowledge or the Hidden Lore. His talk ,Voices from the Left Field provides an introduction to such studies, enabling the practitioner to assess the value of such studies to their spiritual path. Are the Voices from the Left Field unsettling and dangerous or can they be integrated into a wider Pagan practice? Do they lead to an abyss of self alienation, or to knowledge, wisdom and power? Here is an opportunity to think the matter through.

Previous Appearances

Harvest Moon 2012 - "The Future of Witchcraft"

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