Next Conference: 30th September, 2017
Venue: Number 47, St Giles, Norwich, NR2 1JR

The Harvest Moon Conference is the official autumn conference for the Pagan Federation (PF) within the district of East Anglia. The conference takes place every year on the last Saturday of September within the historical and magical city of Norwich. Each year we have a diverse range of quality speakers and contributions from many different Pagan and magical paths, both locally and from further afield. Druids, Wiccans, Heathens, Ceremonial Magicians, Shamans, Thelemites, Traditional Witches  and all the other paths are more than welcome!

The conference is a great place to meet like-minded people and discuss ideas, as well as be part of the greater community. There are many people who decide to travel from all over the country to join us for the event. For those of you who plan to do just that, you can find out more information about staying in Norwich here. At the end of the day, we finish with a closing ritual, which is open to all and for those new to their path, it will give you a great chance to see what its all about. The Harvest Moon conference is the largest Pagan conference of its kind within the magical county on East Anglia, known for its strong links to folk magic, Heathenry and Traditional Witchcraft.

2017 Lineup to be announced soon!

2016 Lineup*
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 Peter Grey  Diane

 Aaron Edgeley Adrian Marsden

 Andre & Amanda 

 Jonathan Woolley
 Michael Clarke  Pete & Emma Maxey The Goddess Temple Val Thomas 


Tickets for the 2017 conference are not currently available.